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Warning Lights Explained

Charge System Warning

Charge System Warning Example

If your Toyota has detected an issue with the power from the battery not making it to the electrical system this warning will appear.

It looks like a battery from the side with the positive and negative icons inside of it, most likely illuminated red.

The cause of this can range from a dying (or not sufficiently charged) battery through to a faulty alternator or even a problem with the wiring.

Brake Warning

Brake Warning Example

An icon showing the word BRAKE in capital letters illuminated red signifies a problem with the brakes.

It could be as simple as the parking brake (or handbrake as it’s known in some regions) being left on while attempting to drive off.

On the other end of the spectrum, it could be suggesting that a problem with the brake system has occurred and if this is the case seek professional help.

Oil Warning

Oil Warning Example

What looks like an old-fashioned oil lamp with a drip of oil coming from it could be a warning that you have an issue with your oil in the engine.

The severity of this can range from a temporary low pressure at the point of the sensor all the way through to a broken pump.

Try turning the car off and then on again to see if it persists, if it does then seek a trained Toyota mechanic.

Engine Temperature Warning

Engine Temperature Warning Example

A red illuminated icon showing a thermometer floating in a liquid is evidence of an overheating engine.

This may be temporary and by stopping and letting your Toyota cool down you could get rid of it.

If it persists then it is best to stop driving your car and let a mechanic look at it to avoid further damage.

Power Steering Warning

Power Steering Warning Example

What looks like a steering wheel with an exclamation mark next to it is probably a power steering alert.

You may have a faulty power steering pump or an issue with the fluids that transfer the power.

Try turning the car off and then on to see if the error remains, if it does seek professional help for your Toyota.

Airbag Warning

Airbag Warning Example

Seeing an icon featuring the side-profile of an occupant with a large circle in front of them signifies a problem with the airbags.

It will illuminate red to show the significance of this issue and requires immediate attention from the driver.

Seek help from a Toyota dealership as several of the safety systems built into your car may not work in the event of an accident.

Seat Belt Reminder

Seat Belt Reminder Example

A simple reminder icon that appears as a passenger with a set of seat belts around them is telling you that an occupant isn’t wearing their safety belt.

The car knows this by detecting weight on one or more car seats using a pressure pad underneath the seat.

If this light persists with no one sat on any of the seats and you have no cargo resting on them either then you may have a fault somewhere.

Security Warning

Security Warning Example

An icon showing the front of a car with a lock overlapping it represents the security warning indicator in a Toyota.

This warning can be quite vague as it can cover various security systems in different Toyota models.

It could be as simple as a low battery in your keyfob all the way through to a fault in your immobilizer.

About Toyota

Toyota Logo

Toyota has a wide range of warning lights that are designed to alert the driver when there is an issue with the vehicle.

These lights are divided into two groups, those that illuminate when there is an engine problem and those that indicate a problem with other parts of the car.

For example, if your battery or alternator needs to be replaced you will see dashboard warning lights come on with an icon that looks like those parts.

If the warning lights are for your engine, they may indicate that there is a problem with one of its components – indicated by what looks like a transmission.

History of Toyota

In 1933, Toyota started as a spinoff from a business called Toyoda Automatic Loom Works that was founded by Sakichi Toyoda.

The company initially produced automatic looms but soon started to introduce other products such as steam engines and automobiles.

In 1937, the founder’s son Kiichiro Toyoda, took over his father’s position as president of the company and emphasized quality.

Under Kiichiro Toyoda’s leadership, Toyota Motor Company grew to become one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world.

Best-Selling Toyota Car

The best-selling Toyota car right now is the Camry. It was the top-selling car in America for three years in a row.

Camrys are practical, reliable, safe and affordable family cars.

The Camry also has great performance and fuel economy.

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