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During the mid-1980s, Honda launched its premium Acura brand originally for the North American market. The models on sale are relatively the same as the parent company lines but with a premium finish and packed full of features as standard.

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Alfa Romeo has been in business since the early 1900s. This Italian car manufacturer is known for its sporty models and has a rich heritage in motorsport. In recent years the company has entered into the lucrative crossover SUV market like many other brands.

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The German automaker Audi is a household name all over the world. They are owned by the other motoring behemoth Volkswagen and use much of the same technology in its own models. Audi has a huge research budget and is known for its premium cars.

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BMW was originally a manufacturer of aircraft, as you may notice from the design of their logo (being an aircraft propeller). They were known during the 1900s for their sedans but as they entered into the 21st century they began producing many SUV lines too.

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Buick is a long-established American brand of premium automobiles that has shifted much of its focus to the Chinese market. Many of the company's lines have been discontinued in the USA but continue on in the emerging market of China.

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Cadillac is known for its stylish and comfortable automobiles with many of its lines being sold for countless decades. The Cadillac name has become synonymous with quality cars with their Escalade full-size SUV being a dream car for many Americans.

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Chevrolet is an American automaker with a wide variety of model lines on sale. They have a popular sports car line called the Corvette that entered production in the 1960s and is still being manufactured to this day (although it is a very different car now).

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Chrysler is an American automaker that is owned by the Italian brand Fiat. Chrysler focuses much of its efforts on the North American market but does also sell some lines in Europe and Asia. Its most popular line is the Pacifica crossover SUV-like minivan.

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Citroën is a French automaker that has been producing models since the early part of the 1900s. They originally manufactured weapons for the French government during World War 1 but quickly had to find a new market after the end of the war, so they chose cars!

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Originally, Dacia started out as a state-owned car manufacturer during the 1960s with many of the models being produced having Renault technology in them. During the 1990s they began switching to VW parts until Dacia was bought by Renault in 1999.

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Dodge started out making components for Ford models but produced their own model in 1914. The company would go on to produce a variety of lines until the 21st century when it started to roll back the variety and focus its efforts on high-performance cars.

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Fiat was producing its first power vehicles in the late-1800s, way before most of the car brands we know today. Over the years since they have managed to absorb many other companies (such as Jeep and Chrysler) to create a huge varied automaker brand.

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Ford is probably the best-known manufacturer of automobiles in the world. They have had huge success thanks to innovations in both manufacturing and car design. They own many other automaker brands such as Lincoln and Aston Martin.

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General Motors started out supplying components to other American automakers such as Buick and Oldsmobile. They bought out Cadillac in the early-1910s and by 1920 they were the biggest automobile manufacturer in the world.

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Honda is a Japanese automaker known for its automobiles, motorbikes and advanced engine technology. The company can be traced back to the 1940s and in every decade since the company has gone from strength to strength.

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Hyundai is a South Korean automaker that started out manufacturing models designed by other companies such as Mitsubishi. Nowadays the company owns a majority share in Kia and together dominated a wide variety of models across many market segments.

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Infiniti is the luxury wing of the Nissan company that first started releasing models in the mid-1980s. Many of the lines sold by Infiniti are the same as the Nissan models but with a more premium finish and plenty of extra features as standard.

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Jaguar started out by creating bodywork for other car manufacturers but in 1935 they released their first in-house developed automobile. Over the years since they have focused on luxury and sports lines such as the XJ220, E-Type and the F-Type.

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The Jeep name has become a word in its own right, typically used to describe small offroad capable automobiles. This company launched into success by bringing battlefield-grade technology to the common man. Nowadays they are owned by Fiat.

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Kia is a South Korean manufacturer of automobiles that are owned and controlled by Hyundai. The two companies have gone from the budget alternative they were seen as during the 1990s to being a seriously good value for money contender across most segments of the market.

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A spin-off from UK motoring company Rover, Land Rover specializes in offroad capable automobiles. During the 1970s the company introduced the first Range Rover, another spin-off that focuses on premium offroad capable models.

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Toyota launched the Lexus brand in the late-1980s to sell premium versions of its cars in the USA. Over the next 10 years, they would begin pushing these popular lines across Europe and Asia too. Now the company has 10+ lines including hatchbacks, sedans and SUVs.

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Lincoln is owned by Ford and is used to sell premium versions of its own models. Ford originally bought the Lincoln name in 1922 and has continued to market many premium lines to this day through it including the Continental which is based on the Ford Fusion chassis.

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Mazda can be traced back to the early 1900s when they were manufacturing machinery to be used in factories. They didn't create their first automobile until 1931 and have since had many successes due to their constant innovation. They have teamed up with Toyota in recent years.

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Mercedes Benz is a luxury automaker based in Germany that is often credited with inventing the powered automobile. They have a wide variety of premium lines that mainly consist of sedans but more recently have focused on SUVs as tastes change.

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Mercury was created as a mid-priced brand that operated under Ford in 1938 by the founds son Edsel. Over the years it was ran alongside the Lincoln brand, sharing many of the same platforms and technologies as well as dealerships across the USA.

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The original Mini brand from the 1960s is often seen as an icon of that time. These tiny cars gave many people access to motoring that couldn't before in a fun way. BMW bought the brand during the 1990s and use it to sell similar-looking nostalgia-full lines in recent times.

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The Mitsubishi name can be found across many manufacturing-related industries dating back to the 1800s. This huge multination company didn't begin producing automobiles until 1960 and have since occupied a variety of segment in this market with affordable lines.

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Nissan first emerged during the early part of the 1900s and quickly took off manufacturing cars for export. They used technology licensed to them by the British company Autin at first but by 1950 they were developing their own lines in-house.

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Opel started out by producing sewing machines in the late-1800s. As the 20th century came around they were starting to produce their own automobiles and by 1929 they were taken over by General Motors. In 1970 the Vauxhall brand was introduced to sell the lines in the UK.

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Peugeot is a French automaker that started out by manufacturing bicycles in the early part of the 1800s. By 1900 they were producing steam tricycles and just starting to introduce their own automobile line. In 1970 they bought out close French rival Citroen.

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Pontiac had a long history of producing exciting models for the US motoring market and was originally called Oakland Motor Car Company. General Motors purchased the company in 1909 and turned it into their Pontiac brand before dropping it in 2010 to save on costs.

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Porsche has become a household name that is associated with sports cars. The German company traces its roots back to the early part of the 1900s and had a major role in the forming of Volkswagen, helping design the Beetle. They are now owned by VW.

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Renault was formed in 1899 by three brothers who had a passion for mechanics. They had previous success with textile production and began by creating taxis. For a brief time, they manufactured weapons but after the war, they returned back to automobiles.

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Saab was a successful Swedish automaker that made a huge name for itself during the 1970s when it introduced many innovations to the motoring world. It was bought out by General Motors during the 1990s but by 2008 the brand was shut down during a restructuring.

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Originally the SEAT company was created by the Spanish government during the 1940s. They produced Fiat models on license until the 1980s when they switched to Volkswagen technology. By the mid-1980s VW owned the SEAT brand fully which is still true to this day.

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Skoda is a Czech company that is owned and controlled by German automaker Volkswagen. It started out during the 1920s but had troubles continuing during the second world war. In the mid-1900s the brand was rescued by the government.

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Smart makes city cars using principles found in the production of watches - the company is owned by Mercedes Benz. The idea came from the CEO of Swatch back in the 1980s and was briefly being funded by Volkswagen before Mercedes took over just before launch in 1994.

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Subaru is known for having boxer engine models with full-time four-wheel-drive. This gives them a low center of gravity and amazing handling both on and offroad. Over the years they have partnered up with Nissan, General Motors, Renault and Toyota.

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Suzuki is known for its motorcycles and small cars. They created their first automobile in 1937 and nowadays focus on a line of small cars such as the Swift (a sporty subcompact hatchback) and the Jimny (a small offroad capable 4x4).

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Toyota has a wide range of lines across many segments of the automobile market. The Japanese company has its origins in automatic looms and other mechanical products. In recent years they have pushed themselves ahead of everyone else with their alternative-fuel technology.

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Volkswagen is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world and owns many brands including SEAT, Skoda, Audi and Bugatti. They are at the forefront of technology with a huge development budget and sell models in all corners of the world.

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Volvo is a Swedish brand of cars that has a reputation for producing safe models that are typically used as family cars. In recent years they have expanded their range of crossover SUVs and downsized the range of sedans that they were typically associated with before.

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