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Warning Lights Explained

Brake System Failure

Brake System Failure Example
The brake warning light may appear differently depending on the region that you have bought your car. In most territories, it will just be text BRAKE and in some countries such as Canada, there is also an exclamation point with brake pads surrounding a circle. All drivers, regardless of where they are in the world and if they see a red icon on their dashboard (like when your brake warning light comes on) all should pull over immediately. There could be anything wrong with brakes including fluid pressure or even technological like brake assistance programs that may have been faulty. Seek help from an independent garage or dealership as soon as possible.

Parking Brake System Failure

Parking Brake System Failure Example
This is a warning that the parking brake (also known as the handbrake) is still engaged. It is displayed as simply the word BRAKE on its own among the dashboard symbols. Driving with the parking brake engaged can cause damage to various parts of your car. If this remains illuminated after you have disengaged the parking brake then it could be a fault with the sensor.

Low Oil Pressure Warning

Low Oil Pressure Warning Example
This symbol looks like an old-fashioned oil lamp with a drop falling out of the spout. If you see it illuminated in your dashboard with a red light behind it then it could mean one of a few things. Most probably you have a low amount of oil in your engine and it needs topping up. If topping up the oil doesn't turn the indicator off then seek help from a Honda dealership as it may mean that a component in the engine has failed. You may be experiencing low oil pressure due to a pump not providing appropriate pressure and so the engine won't be cooling itself properly.

Battery Charging Warning

Battery Charging Warning Example
If you see a symbol of a battery with a positive and negative terminal illuminated in red then you may have a problem with your electrical systems. Most likely this indicates a dying battery that is struggling to retain charge and you may have to replace it. It may be caused by a faulty alternator which is no longer charging the battery sufficiently. Seek professional help as soon as possible, driving with this illuminated could lead to many safety systems struggling to work properly due to lack of power.

Airbag Warning

Airbag Warning Example
Seeing an icon featuring the side-profile of an occupant with a large circle in front of them signifies a problem with the airbags. It will illuminate red to show the significance of this issue and requires immediate attention from the driver. Seek help from a Honda dealership as several of the safety systems built into your car may not work in the event of an accident.

Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light Example
An icon showing a side-profile of what looks like a transmission is the Check Engine Light. It will most probably be illuminated orange or yellow and can represent a wide array of issues. Try switching the car off at the side of the road and then restarting it after a few minutes to see if that helps. Otherwise, you will need to seek the help of a trained Honda mechanic who can use a scanner to diagnose the problem.

Smart Entry System

Smart Entry System Example
Your Honda car has noticed a problem with the push-button start or remote entry system if you see this icon appear. It looks like a key with a wi-fi icon wave transmitting from it with an exclamation mark over the top, most likely illuminated amber. This could be as simple as a low battery in the key-fob or could be a total failure of the systems at work behind the dashboard. Keep this in mind before closing the door and potentially locking yourself out of your car.

ABS Warning

ABS Warning Example
The letters ABS surrounded by a circle and what appears to be two brake pads signifies a problem with the ABS. This ABS system helps the driver when braking to make sure the brakes work as effectively as possible by varying the strength at each wheel. It may be caused by your tires having too low pressure or could be as serious as a malfunction of an important safety component in your Honda. If the warning persists after switching the car on and then off seek help from a trained mechanic.

Tire Pressure Warning

Tire Pressure Warning Example
An exclamation mark inside what looks like a vase or a tire with bowing edges signifies low tire pressure. This can be dangerous as your tires need to be fully inflated in order to ensure you have optimum grip while driving. If your tires are correctly inflated then this warning may be due to a faulty sensor or sensors. Seek a mechanics' help to fix the faulty sensors in order to be able to use the warning lights effectively in the future for when the pressures are actually low.

High Temperature

High Temperature Example
What looks like a thermometer floating in water with the letter H to the top left could signify a high temperature in the engine. The warning will be a solid red color and if it stays on even after you have switched the car off and let it cool then it could indicate a serious problem. This warning light will be showing due to a problem in the cooling, which could be as simple as low oil or as bad as a faulty component. Seek help from a trained Honda mechanic who can diagnose the cause and fix it.

Low Temperature

Low Temperature Example
Most automobile manufacturers don't add a cold warning into their car dashboards but Honda does. It signifies that the conditions that you are driving your car are too cold for it to operate safely. This may not be an issue for engines (that struggle to get going in the cold) but may negatively affect the electronics and other components.

Daytime Running Lights

Daytime Running Lights Example
This warning light that shows as the letters DRL indicates that your daytime running lights are working. These safety lights are added to many modern cars to help reduce accidents due to poor visibility on roads.

Stability Assist Warning

Stability Assist Warning Example
If you see an amber warning light showing a car with curved lines behind it indicating that it's skidding then you may have a problem with your VSA system. The VSA system is the Vehicle Stability Assist that kicks in when the car is struggling to maintain traction. Without the VSA helping you it may be harder to control the car in less than perfect road conditions. Try turning the car off and then on again and if it continues request a trained mechanic to scan the car's computer.

Power Steering Warning

Power Steering Warning Example
What looks like a steering wheel with an exclamation mark next to it is probably a power steering alert. You may have a faulty power steering pump or an issue with the fluids that transfer the power. Try turning the car off and then on to see if the error remains, if it does seek professional help for your Honda.

Immobilizer Problem

Immobilizer Problem Example
If you see a green icon appear on your Honda dashboard then your car is struggling to pair with the key. This means that the immobilizer won't work and so the car will refuse to start for security reasons. It may be down to a flat battery in your keyfob, so try replacing that first.

Lane Keep Assist Warning

Lane Keep Assist Warning Example
If your Honda is fitted with the Lane Keep Assist feature then you may see an icon appear that displays as the letters LKA. This is to inform you that the safety system that helps you stay in lane is assisting in your steering to keep you within the lines on the road.

Collision Mitigation Warning

Collision Mitigation Warning Example
If you see what appears to be the outline of two cars with a star and an exclamation point then this is the collision mitigation system. It is most likely warning you that it interrupted your driving to avoid a collision by braking due to a vehicle being close to the front of the car. This safety feature is fitted into modern (and some older) Honda models.

Blind Spot Warning

Blind Spot Warning Example
A top-down view of two cars with what appears to be the wi-fi symbol between them is the indicator for the blind-spot warning system. It illuminates when it detects a car hovering in your blind spot, just behind you as the driver out of the view of the wing mirror. The symbol is there to make sure that you don't merge to the side and collide with a vehicle you can't see.

Adaptive Cruise Control Warning

Adaptive Cruise Control Warning Example
The letters ACC appearing on your dashboard in yellow or amber illumination is your Honda telling you that you are using the adaptive cruise control feature. This system accelerates and deaccelerates the car automatically based on the traffic around you. It is fitted into newer models and allows you to let the car take over half of the driving as it uses a radar to spot threats from all directions.

About Honda

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When you have a Honda, one of the first things that you learn is how to read the warning lights.

There are a number of indicators on your dashboard that can give you information about what’s going on with your car at any given time.

Some of these warning lights may be related to safety, while others might just mean that there is something wrong with your air conditioning system or headlights.

On this page, you can find out what most of the warning lights you can find in a Honda car mean.

Honda History

The year 2006 was significant for Honda Motor Company because it had the tenth anniversary of its listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

The company was originally founded in 1948 by Soichiro Honda who wanted to build automobiles that were innovative and of higher quality than those already on the Japanese auto market.

This car manufacturer has grown over the years and now sells cars all over the world.

The company deals mainly with gasoline and diesel engines and also deals with hybrids and electric engines.

One of the most popular Honda cars is the Civic, which is made to be both stylish, luxurious, but at the same time, affordable to ordinary people. Another popular Honda car is the Accord which has always been considered as being one of the best family sedans available to buy.

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