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About the Insight

If you're driving a Honda Insight, then it's important to know what the warning lights on your dashboard mean.

The first thing you should notice is that there are two types of lights: yellow and red.

Red means stop; if one of these lights goes off while you're driving, pull over as soon as possible.

Yellow warning lights indicate an issue with your car, in most cases, this will be something minor like low oil pressure or a tire problem.

If this light comes on during your next drive, don't panic, just take it easy until the light turns back off (or ask someone who knows cars to help).

No matter which type of warning light appears on your dashboard, always remember that safety should come first.

You can see a full list on this page of the Honda Insight warning lights that may appear on your dashboard.

By clicking on the individual symbol on this page you will be instantly transported to an in-depth explanation on it with what to do next.

History of the Honda Insight

The first Honda Insight was launched in 1999.

It was the first mass-produced hybrid vehicle for America and it had a fuel efficiency of 60 miles per gallon on the highway.

The Insight originally had a system that enabled the engine to shut off when it wasn't needed, but that system was removed on later models.

Underneath the Insight, you will find the same chassis used under the Civic, a well-engineered platform with amazing safety and features.