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Chevrolet Sonic Warning Lights

You can find 27 popular Chevrolet Sonic warning lights and symbols on this page that when clicked take you to a detailed description.

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About the Sonic

There are many lights on your Chevrolet Sonic dashboard that indicate different things.

This page will go over the meanings of these warning lights and what you should do if one or more come on.

These explanations are also relevant to owners of the Spark and the Buick Encore as all these cars share the same platform.

In the event that you see a warning light appear on your dashboard, it is best to pull over somewhere safe and shut off the engine.

Most of them won’t cause any damage, but chances are there’s something going on with your car that needs attention.

Sometimes they can be easily fixed yourself by doing some research online or looking in the Chevrolet Sonic owner’s manual.

Some of the most common warning lights to appear in the Sonic are:

Check engine light: This signal is a message from your car’s onboard computer, reporting that there may be something wrong with the vehicle.

The most common reasons for this are an improperly installed part or a malfunctioning sensor.

If you see this light it might be time to schedule a check-up with a trained Chevrolet mechanic.

Oil light: This is a warning that your engine oil level is low.

This can be due to an issue with the car, like leaking gaskets or holes in the crankcase for example.

If you see this it’s important not to drive longer than absolutely necessary before getting it checked out by someone knowledgeable about Chevrolet Sonics.