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About the Sebring

The Chrysler Sebring acted as the company's mid-size car from 1994 through to 2010.

It replaced the LeBaron and Cirrus lines which had a long and rich heritage going back to the early-1930s.

Mid-size cars were a huge income stream for North American automakers and the Sebring was around to witness the final glory years.

Its replacement, the 200 would see the final nail in the coffin before being retired with no replacement.

When the Sebring was launched it shared its platform with the Mitsubishi Eclipse and the Dodge Avenger.

With the move into its third and final generation in 2007, the car was now sharing its platform with its replacement (the 200) and no longer with Mitsubishi.

For its life, the Sebring was offered in a convertible version alongside its coupe and saloon body styles.

It was also always front-wheel-drive in order to save on weight and always offered with a V6 engine option.

For a short period, the car was marketed in Europe but with low sales, Chrysler withdrew the line in 2006.

A lack of a diesel engine option and poor reviews from motoring publications forced many car buyers to look elsewhere.