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Suzuki Swift Warning Lights

The Most Common Suzuki Swift Symbols

These are the most common dashboard symbols that you will see in your Suzuki Swift. Click on one to see more information or scroll further down to see the link to the owner's manual where you can find even more symbols.

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About the Swift

If you’re looking for a small hatchback that’s exciting as it is value for money, then look no further than the funky Suzuki Swift. Released in 2004, the car has constantly stayed competitive in a tough market, featuring notorious cars like the VW Golf GTI and Ford Fiesta, with its fun styling and great driving experience. Although, the Swift does fall short in terms of straight-line speeds and equipment. Ultimately, the quick little hatchback is a great choice if you’re looking for something a little different and fun. But, if you want the best value for your money, you might want to look elsewhere.

Older Swift’s used to come with a modest 1.0-liter petrol engine. This was more than enough, as the Swift is one of the lightest cars on the market. However, recent models, such as the 2021 version, have upgraded to a hybrid system. This will make your fuel costs go down considerably, and the whole system is very reliable, so you won’t have to worry about any warning lights flashing at you all the time.

However, the hybrid system has seriously damaged the performance of the Swift, to a point where its competitors will leave it in their dust. This isn’t to say that the Swift isn’t fun to drive, because its lightweight body means that it is, but if you’re looking for outright performance, the model is one of the worst hatchbacks on the market.

Suzuki has done an excellent job with the Swift’s interior. For a small car, there is a vast amount of room and you’ll easily be able to fit four passengers in at one time. The infotainment system, whilst not touchscreen, is also responsive and reliable. However, the Swift can’t keep up with VW and Kia in terms of the technology offered.