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The Most Common Subaru Legacy Symbols

These are the most common dashboard symbols that you will see in your Subaru Legacy. Click on one to see more information or scroll further down to see the link to the owner's manual where you can find even more symbols.

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About the Legacy

The Subaru Legacy first appeared in the late 1980s and was designed to be the Japanese company's new mid-size car.

It debuted with the company's new boxer engine codenamed EJ which was quieter and boasted a higher output than the powerplants the company was selling before.

Originally the car was sold with front-wheel-drive as standard (with optional four-wheel-drive available) but as the years went by the four-wheel-drive variant became standard.

The Legacy was an instant success with its low center of gravity and an abundance of advanced optional features such as air suspension all for a moderate price.

It made a quick name for itself in the world of motorsports as well, showing just how rugged it was in the World Rally Championship.

This then gave birth to its sibling model the Impreza, sharing the same chassis but with a shorter length - which would then become Subaru's rallying platform.

In 1993 the second generation Subaru Legacy hit the showrooms and the car was now offered with a four-wheel-drive as standard.

1994 saw the first of many performance versions of the car hit the road that was marketed as the GTB, featuring a tuned engine and lower, stiffer suspension.

Witnessing the success of the Honda CR-V and the Toyota RAV4 crossover SUVs, Subaru launched a crossover SUV-style version of the Legacy in 1996.

They called it the Outback trim and as standard, it came with raised suspension, raised roof, tougher body panels and a 3-liter boxer engine mated to a 6-speed manual transmission.

Over the next few generations, Subaru continued to offer the sporty and crossover SUV-style versions of the car until they span off the Outback into its own line.

The Subaru Outback from 2009 onward was sold without the Legacy name alongside it, although it was still built on the same platform.

Its design was quite different from its parent model, it was now much taller with increased ground clearance to give it more of an SUV look.

In 2010 Subaru added a lane departure system to the car that would become standard on the Legacy going forward.