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About the Caliber

The Dodge Caliber is the company’s attempt to create a statement within the SUV field. Bold looks make the car stand out, but Dodge has, on the most part, failed to back this noise up with anything substantive. This car lacks in a number of areas, and it thus fails to make an impact in a highly competitive market.

Launched in 2007, the car only ran for five years until it was replaced by the Dart - another short-lived line from the American carmaker.

The car has a very distinctive design. It features large wheel arches and alloys, along with bold headlamps. In fact, many people mistake the Caliber for a four-by-four at first glance. This is certainly not the case, however, as the European models are front-wheel drive only.

In the cabin, the Caliber does have some strengths. For example, the driver and passengers will be greeted with more than enough room when they step into the cabin. This can make the Caliber a very comfortable and practical vehicle. There are also some innovative features, such as a fold-out sound system and an iPod holder in the armrest.

However, this is where the praise ends. The Caliber is fitted with extremely cheap plastic, which makes the vehicle feel cheap and ugly on the inside. Furthermore, the boot is much too small for an SUV, reducing its practicality. There’s also a fair bit of engine noise in the cabin, which can be incredibly annoying and off-putting.

The Dodge Caliber gives drivers a choice of a 1.8 or 2 Litre engine and the latter produces just under 150 horsepower. The Caliber can’t match its rivals, like the VW Golf in terms of performance, but it’s still pretty quick and fun to drive, for an SUV.

Ultimately, despite being a solid car, the Dodge Caliber simply cannot compete with its rivals. Poor build quality and lackluster performance mean that you’ll get much more value for your money from the likes of Volkswagen or Ford. But, if you want something unique, it might not be a bad choice.

It was discontinued in late 2011 with the final model years being sold during 2012. Its replacement was another compact car but one that was built on the same platform as the Alfa Romeo Giulietta.