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About the Mazda5

Entering the compact MPV market in the year 1999, the Mazda Mazda5 is also known as the Premacy model inside of Japan.

You could also find the original Mazda being sold as the Ford MAV or Ixion outside of Japan - then things switched in the second-generation model with Ford selling a rebadged version of the Japanese company as their own.

It has been sold as a 5 or 7 seat car across 2 or 3 rows within the car with those seats being able to fold flat for additional cargo room.

Customers can only opt for a 5-door layout of Mazda5 though some models have optional four-wheel-drive for those wanting to take it off-road.

Engine choices across the 4-generations of the design were varied and customers could settle for a modest 1.8-liter through to a torquey 2.5-liter gasoline powerplant in the last examples of the car made.

With many car buyers switching to crossover SUVs like the CX-5 and CX-7 the company decided to discontinue the Mazda5 in the year 2016.