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About the Mazda3

Since it became available in 2003 the Mazda Mazda3 has been a massively successful compact hatchback or sedan popular with families.

It sits towards the smaller end of the sedan range on offer from the Japanese car manufacturer with the Mazda6 at the other larger end.

With its wide range of engine choices, buyers can opt for a more sensible 1.4 liter through to a much more powerful 2.5 liter.

The car has seen fantastic sales in all regions around the world including Asia where this model is known as the Axela (until 2019 when it was discontinued there).

A more performance-focused variant was produced called the Mazdaspeed 3 which boasted a turbocharged engine and an air vent on the bonnet along with more aggressive styling.

The platform for this car is shared among other cars in the Mazda and its parent company and can be found in cars including the Ford Focus and Volvo S40.

The addition of new technology with each generation of redesign adds more potential warning lights to the instrument cluster in the dashboard so the visual guide on this page gets ever more important year on year.