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The Most Common Lexus UX Symbols

These are the most common dashboard symbols that you will see in your Lexus UX. Click on one to see more information or scroll further down to see the link to the owner's manual where you can find even more symbols.

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About the UX

Created by the luxury division of Toyota, Lexus, the UX was created as a subcompact premium crossover sports utility vehicle.

First shown at the Geneva Motor Show in 2018, it debuted as the smallest crossover of the Lexus lineup, sliding in just underneath the NX.

Initially, the car was built upon the GA-C Platform along with the E210 series Toyota Corolla, Toyota Allion, Suzuki Swace, Toyota Levin and the Toyota Auris.

Advertised as an ‘Urban explorer’ due to its rugged appearance and quality durable build, the UX had a good low center of gravity to help it navigate the roads.

Featuring the Lexus Safety system 2.0, the UX had the benefit of a radar based system forward facing millimeter wave radar collision alert. The pre-tension collision seatbelts would activate upon a perceived crash, tightening to prevent the body lurching forward and causing whiplash, these proved an excellent addition to the vehicle.

A gasoline variant of the UX was released as a hybrid with a 1.4 kWh nickel metallic hydride battery.

As Lexus’ first battery electric model (named the UX 300e), ales began on December 2018 for the model year 2019. Just a year later, Lexus updated these models to appeal to the modern driver, here things like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto were installed to allow for a seamless connection and instant play from apps like Spotify and iTunes. By also using one's mobile phone, the driver could unlock the vehicle by using the digital key, no physical key is required.

After Euro NCAP safety tests, the UX received an incredibly respectable 96% for adults safety, and overall 5 stars (out of a possible five) and 85% for child safety.

The Lexus UX was originally developed from the Lexus concept car, the Lexus FF-UF’ of which variants were released like the UX200 and the UX 250h / 260h.