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About the Fusion

All Ford Fusion's are four-door 5 seat sedans and production of the model began back in 2006 as a universal replacement for the Mondeo/Countor that sold well in Europe but not North America.

The line was discontinued in 2020 after several years of declining sales as car buyers flock to crossover SUVs like the Edge.

A range of engines in the original car helped increase its appeal to multiple regions and demographics around the world.

This tradition was carried on into the second generation also helping sales in China with smaller displacement units under the hood as well as larger V6s for North America.

In Europe, the Fusion carried on the Mondeo name which sold especially well, contrary to the sales flop it was in the American car market.

A sports trim of the sedan was made available in both generations of the existence of the car which boasted a body kit, V6 engine and larger alloy wheels.

During the second generation released in 2013, a new hybrid trim called the Energi was added to the order sheet.

This plug-in hybrid version of the Ford Fusion boasted the ability to capture lost energy during braking as well as topping up from the mains - allowing the car to achieve an average fuel economy of 56 mpg.