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Mitsubishi Triton (L200) Warning Lights

The Most Common Mitsubishi Triton (L200) Symbols

These are the most common dashboard symbols that you will see in your Mitsubishi Triton (L200). Click on one to see more information or scroll further down to see the link to the owner's manual where you can find even more symbols.

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About the Triton (L200)

It can be very hard to find a good pickup truck. It seems that every pickup is compromised in some way or another, and no company has been able to produce an all-rounder. The L200 is Mitsubishi’s attempt at doing just this. Since its biggest facelift in 2014, the L200 has attempted to offer good performance, a great interior and fine styling for a reasonable price. It’s certainly priced competitively, undercutting rivals like the Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux. However, this pickup truck simply fails to excite when it comes to performance. Ultimately, the Mitsubishi model represents decent value for money, but there are more exciting options out there.

Buyers can only choose from one engine with the L200. It’s a 2.3-liter diesel, and it’s very boring. The pickup truck feels slow and sluggish, and if you’re looking for a pickup with decent speed, you should consider the Ford Ranger. The engine is however, a good worker and you’ll be able to tow 1080kg at most. The engine is also efficient and reliable, so you won’t have to worry about any engine warning lights popping up.

Whilst pickups are hardly known for their comfort, the L200 is particularly back-breaking. The suspension seems non-existent, and you’ll feel every single bump and crack on the road. The steering is also disconnected, making it feel even more sluggish than it is.

The most exciting part about the L200 is the interior. Whilst it’s not pretty, it is practical. You’ll be able to fit several passengers in the back, and there’s more than enough cargo space for everyday use. The interior is also easy to clean, making it a practical choice for workers.

The infotainment is very basic, but it does work and is very reliable, if a little boring.