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About the Up!

With populations around the world quickly urbanizing, it’s no wonder that the major OEMs are still working on subcompact city-friendly car models. The Volkswagen Up! series first arrived back in 2011, and has been rebadged for other markets such as the Skoda Citigo, and the SEAT Mii. It comes either as a 3-door or 5-door hatchback car, offering affordable sticker prices, cheap running costs and a compact scale to match tighter city parking conditions and more stringent emissions requirements.

The current VW Up! range includes two gasoline hatchback models and a battery-electric vehicle version known as the e-up! The e-up went into its second generation in 2019. With starting prices firmly under the $20,000 mark --- the 3-door starts at around $17,500 --- it’s among the most affordable high-quality hatchbacks on the market, and by far the cheapest model on offer from Volkswagen.

The Volkswagen Up is built with fairly straightforward features and facilities, but it lacks none of the conveniences you’d expect from a quality VW machine. It only offers about 8.9 cubic feet of cargo space, but that’s not too bad for a small city car, and still enough for a family to fit a stroller and more in there.

The quality of the interior reflects the pricing, so it’s a lot of cloth upholstery and cheaper plastics, but construction remains solid, and the cabin contains many workarounds to keep prices affordable.

For instance, the VW Up! gets a 5-inch infotainment screen, but there’s also an additional cradle atop the dash into which you can place your smartphone as an additional navigation screen. VW provides a dedicated navigation app to allow users to enjoy a system akin to built-in navigation. The remaining layout is simple, but mercifully easy to use and accessible for drivers of all levels.