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Mercedes Benz GLB-Class Warning Lights

The Most Common Mercedes Benz GLB-Class Symbols

These are the most common dashboard symbols that you will see in your Mercedes Benz GLB-Class. Click on one to see more information or scroll further down to see the link to the owner's manual where you can find even more symbols.

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About the GLB-Class

The GLB, or otherwise known by the model code name X247, is a luxury crossover sports utility vehicle created by the premium German automaker, Mercedes-Benz.

Unveiled on 10th June 2019 in Park City, Utah, the GLB was first seen in the form of a concept car at the Shanghai Auto Show. In terms of its size, the GLB sites in between the GLA and the GLC, however, of the three, it is the only model with an optional third row of seating making it more appealing in its flexibility to larger families.

Orders for the GLA began in July 2019, and it was built upon the same front-wheel drive MFA2 platform as the W177 A-Class.

Aside from the standard front-wheel drive setup, all-wheel drive was on offer along with an 8-speed dual clutch automatic transmission configuration. Sharing the engine mechanics with the A-Class, aesthetically it straddles the line between angular and smooth. Angular in its boxy formation to allow for large interior space, but where possible, there are sweeping lines and an aggressive front grille which makes it instantly identifiable as a Mercedes-Benz.

Engines available were 4-cylinder petrol or diesel, with the addition of a plug-in hybrid and fully electric variant joining the lineup two years later in 2021. The models that abandoned the more traditional engine makeup carried a different moniker, the EQB.

By large, the GLB was well received, with 27,223 units sold in Europe alone in the year 2019.

Predictably, the car did even better in China with 59,500 vehicles bought in just 2020. Created at the Mexican assembly plant, Aguascalientes for America, and in Beijing for the Chinese market, the GLB continues to be sold worldwide with varying success depending upon the country.